Posted on 07-01-17 08:33 am
somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, i ain't the sharpest tool in the shed

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[Verse 1: DJFruitloops]
I’m the realest motherfucker in the rap game
I be making fire heat that’ll put you all to shame
You rappers fucking dumb, you rappers fucking lame
Finna make the hall of fame, hold up son, I just came
Going real hard like I’m Omar Mateen
Be making sick beats and drinking iced tea
My skin ain’t black but my skin ain’t clean
But I'll be making dank memes like I'm Mr. Bean
Blue Hawaiian shirt, orange jacket with the hat
I’m just like Sanic and I gotta go fast
The TNR drums with the 808 clap
Don’t you fucking listen to this and try to take nap
I’m just spitting all these rhymes just to make a quick dime
Gotta think of something fast just to beat the clock in time
Wait up, oh shit, martini with a lime
Black cocks, Joe Yo, with some fine hentai
So I be fucking my dog like my name is Jerry
I like it kinda big and I like it kinda hairy
Rape’s not bad, I don't find it that scary
So I'll fuck my poodle inside a canary
It really don't matter if it's sun or the rain
My bars going hard like I’m Kurt Cobain
My dick, skrrt skrrt, is in a lot of pain
So I'll switch my genders like traffic lanes
My bars go hard, insane on the beat
Suffocate on the dick, but this dick ain't free
Fuck a bitch on the grass, fuck a dog in the sheets
Haha motherfucker, ayy, you just got beaned
"Oof, oof oof, oof"
There's only 2 genders, kill yourself, you cuck

[Verse 2: DJFruitloops]
You’ve listened long enough oh, thank you
Show me your ass I’ll, spank you
My name is Dave Dog, fuck Nezpah
I just got raped by my grandpa
After that incident went on yesterday
I’m here to say, I’m 100% gay
I’ll still be straight for "Oof!" though
Masturbate while I be staring though
I beat the fuck out of my dick so hard
I piss blood like I’m on a man period
Crotch is itchy, I have several STDs
So y’all better not be fucking with me
I’m mentally disabled
Fill cum in a horse ass straight out the stable
I can do anything I want because I have autism
Beat dropped so hard like my wife this evening
I beat my meat ten yards I’m memeing
Rape my dog, white bitch he’s screaming
Thick juicy cum, oh shit I’m creaming
I nut again and again on a daily basis
Cuz I fuck with no consent doesn’t make me a rapist
It’s just surprise sex from my cum enterprise
That's the intro, now here's the reprise