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oh baby
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Joe Papermaker
AliasesPulp Miller
Joseph Buscus Papermaker, more commonly known as Joe Papermaker or Pulp Miller, is a demigod that reigns as the king of Camas, residing in Meme City, Etowana. He is the retired mascot of Camas High School.

Joe Papermaker was scientifically created by his father John Papermaker on June 18, 1906. Camas was founded the same day after the finished construction of the Paper Mill.

Joe was raised in the city, learning the ins and outs of how to make paper. However, he was continually molested by his father. This made Joe feel very tingly inside as a little boy.

Joe was given the key to the Mill on his tenth birthday in 1916, to which he gained eternal life by Papermaker magic. This made his six year old brother Jones Papermaker extremely jealous, to which he ran away to Sodor.

Once Joe Papermaker turned twelve on June 18, 1918, he made Joe Yo for the first time. He used the Joe Yo to gain eternal life and unfathomable amounts of power.

On December 24, 2006, Joe Papermaker made the events of "Ode to Joe" occur with Clayton Lukens.

In early 2018, Joe traveled back in time to the alternate diffused timeline in attempt to stop Kony from initiating the End of the World in 2012, thus resulting in him getting lost in time after the failure of the SUCC Drive that he was using courtesy of his parents. He would meet various members of the Ston3r Cart3l, later watching as the apocalypse unfolded over the past several years, until he returned to the real timeline on October 6, 2017 by means of the ZUCC Drive.

Joe was found dead in Miami, Florida on October 28, 2017. His death happened due to unknown causes, but it is speculated to be due to an assassination credited to the Space Koreans.
Love life

Joe Papermaker turned 18 on June 18, 1924. He felt like there was something missing though. He needed to find love, he needed to find someone to share his Joe Yo with.

He married Jane Papermaker on March 15, 1925, in a beautiful wedding like none other. There was free Joe Yo for everyone who attended.

Though they are still married to this day and have never divorced, they have had various issues over the years. Joe has been involved in numerous affairs.

On December 24, 2006, Joe had the plan of giving a Christmas present of Joe Yo to a young boy. He snuck into the house of Clayton Lukens, whom was only but a young child at the time. He gifted him his creamy Joe Yo surprise. This tale later became the legend known as "Ode to Joe", which was told on Fried Rice's mixtape The Perfect Nut.
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The Perfect Nut
ArtistFried Rice
ReleasedJanuary 29, 2017
ProducerFried Rice, Pridemore, Joe Papermaker
 Iced Tea Memes